3 Reasons for Hiring a Nanny Instead Daycare

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Not all parents would prefer to send their small children, especially infants and toddlers in Chicago daycare centers. In some families, the mother does not work.  Or if she does, she only has a part time job. She would need a child care provider but only occasionally. For these parents, hiring a nanny could be more preferable. There are 3 reasons why some parents would prefer to hire a nanny

1. Care Coverage
First, when the child is still an infant, the parent may feel reluctant to leave the young child to a daycare institution for any extended period of time. At the same, parents may find it hard to leave home to take care of chores, or have their infant with them while doing so. To provide the needed gaps of childcare, parents hire a nanny. The nanny does other household chores aside from just minding the child. Most nannies stay in, so there is always someone available to take care of the children while their parents are away. Couples with nannies staying with them can go out at night for dinner, attend parties together or take trips or short vacations because the nanny is around 24 hours a day. Some have day off but most would prefer to spend their off days at home.

2. Bonding
Another reason why some parents would prefer to hire a nanny is that once they stay long with the family, they become like real family members. They treat the child under their care like their own and the care provider and the child under her care usually develop a bond like that of the real parents. Parents with nannies who love their children feel happy about the situation and they can leave their child without feeling guilty because the nanny can easily take over their place in the life of the child. There are instances when children would seem to be more attached to the nanny than to their parents.

3. Cost-Effective
The third reason is that for families with several children, hiring a nanny could be cost-effective. Parents pay the daycare center daily for each child. Paying the fees for children could be more expensive than hiring a child care provider like a nanny. Nannies are paid a regular salary every month, regardless of the number of children that they are caring for. They can also do other chores which mean the parents also benefit from having a nanny.

There are a lot of things expected from a nanny. First, she must know how to do other household chores, especially cooking, washing clothes and cleaning the house. Nannies are also amenable with various arrangements as they are frequently flexible with different accommodations. Housing and food in Chicago can be expensive for working nannies. Therefore, staying with a family can present as an attractive package when hiring a nanny.

Regardless of how your nanny candidates may present, parents are still advised to take extra care when hiring a nanny. Always prefer those that come with authentic documents, especially referrals and recommendations. Online nanny agencies provide legitimate and expedited services for parents who are on the lookout for reliable nanny child care. A good nanny will be a great help to you as your child is growing up.