Accredited Chicago Daycare Centers

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Finding the right daycare center for your child is not easy. You have a lot of things to consider because your child’s safety and well-being while you are at work is very important. If you live in the Chicago area, there are many Chicago daycare centers where you can send your child. However, you must choose the best if you want to assured of quality service. Enrolling your child to an accredited Chicago daycare center could be a little more expensive than sending him or her to an unaccredited one, but the service that you will get is excellent.

There are several advantages in enrolling your son or daughter to an accredited daycare center. First, accredited daycare centers hire highly qualified personnel. In order to be accredited, these day care centers must hire professionals or people that have earned units or degrees in childcare. People that are hired must be at least 19 years old, high school graduate with considerable experience in childcare or at least one-year study in any childcare related course.

The ratio between care provider and student is regulated. For infants, the ratio is 1:4 and the number of children assigned to one care provider increases with the children’s age. This means that a provider will have adequate time to care for her charges because of their limited number.

Accredited daycare centers must have adequate facilities for childcare. If they accept infants, there must be cribs and other furnishings that infants need. Since children are served meals, the accreditation body strictly monitors the kind of food that is served. The foods must be healthy and nutritious. In some centers, cookies are not allowed to be served for snacks. Meals also include lots of vegetables and fruits. The center has to prepare weekly menu and this is checked from time to time.

Another advantage of sending your child to an accredited daycare center is that the environment is always clean and well-maintained, as prescribed by the accrediting body. Playgrounds are checked for safety. The building must past fire inspection and it must keep the equipment needed in case of a fire. The ventilation must also be excellent and all appliances used must be in good condition.

Aside from environmental safety, the accreditors also consider the curriculum and the learning materials that are used. They must be suitable to the age and level of the child. Accredited schools are visited and monitored regularly. Those who could not meet the requirements lose their accreditation status.

Despite the many requirements for accreditation, Chicago daycare centers apply for it because if the school is accredited, it can attract lots of clients and collect higher fees. Knowing the high standards kept in these centers, parents still choose to enroll their kids in these centers. Paying high fee is never an issued for as long as the school can assure the parents that their children are always safe and sound and that are well-prepared for higher level of learning. Enrolling your child in an accredited daycare center gives you 100% peace of mind while you are away from your child.