Find Babysitter for Weekend Childcare

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If you are a parent who works during weekend, you need a childcare provider for your young child during these days. Chicago daycare centers usually operate during weekdays. You can enroll your child in a daycare center during weekdays and find someone to care for him or her on weekends.

Independent childcare agencies abound in the Chicago area and through them; you can easily find a part time babysitter or nanny. The agency has many applicants and they can refer someone to suit your needs. However, caution must be observed when hiring people from an agency. A thorough background check is important. Although the agency has strict hiring policies, try to meet with the applicant and interview her personally. As the parent of the child she is going to care for, you would know whether she can work well with your child or not.

If you want the weekend childcare provider to include instructing your child, you should select someone who already has a background in providing childcare and tutoring. She must be a high school graduate although it would be preferable to hire someone who has earned credits in a college or university in childcare or preschool education. Most applicants are students who want to have part time jobs on weekends and it would not be difficult to find someone who meets this criteria.

Find time to talk with the previous employers of the applicant. As parents like you, they would never hesitate to warn you if the person in question has negative attitude towards children. Check the referrals that the applicant listed and have a chat with them. By doing this, you can ensure that your child is always in the hands of a responsible and capable person.

On the babysitter’s first day, stay for half-day or if possible, ask for a day off so that you can instruct her on what to do and observe her as she tends to your child. If she knows how concerned you are about the welfare of your son or daughter, she will always think twice before doing something that will jeopardize the child’s safety.

Make use of this day in orienting her about house rules that she must follow. State clearly what things you do not like her to do. There are cases where a babysitter would allow her boyfriend or relatives to stay in the house while you are not around or talk on the telephone while your child is left unattended. Emphasize how you do not like these things to happen.

Leave clear instructions as to what your child can do and cannot do; the foods he or she is allergic to and the medicines and supplements you are giving her. If she stays until the night, you must tell her about imposing strict bedtime schedule to your child.

Weekend daycare for your child should not be a source of anxiety for you. One way of ensuring that everything is done to the letter by the childcare provider you hired is by chatting casually with your child about her day with the babysitter. You need to encourage him or her to talk about what he or she did and you can easily find out if the babysitter is doing the right thing or not.