Maya’s Daycare in Kenwood

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Maya’s Daycare in Kenwood, Chicago IL 60615

Hours: 8.00 am-5.30 pm

Staff: Maya who is the owner of this child care center is having certificate from Blue Cross and Blue Shield from Chicago University and she is a registered provider for Action for children too.

Children Age for Enrollment: 6 weeks- 3 years

Activities: Activities like playing with the keyboard, drawing, coloring, shape training, building blocks etc are done by the children. Also the kids are offered knowledge about letters, music, number, shapes etc.

Nutrition: The kids are feed healthy lunch and snacks.

Facility: Children are given plenty of time to play with toys, light classical music are played to help the babies to sleep.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Policy: Parents are required to drop off and pick up their kids.


Contact Information:

Phone: 773-363-8993

Address: 5050 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago IL 60615


Creative Mansion Children’s Academy in Kenwood

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Creative Mansion Children’s Academy in Kenwood, Chicago IL 60615

Hours: 6.30 am-6.30 pm

Staff: All the staffs and teachers are very helpful whose aim is to do something different in order to make a difference.

Children Age for Enrollment: 2 -6 years

Activities: The little babies are introduced to the numbers and taught to count, distinguish differences, to think and to make a good choice while the kinder garden group is taught new words, to draw shapes with developing their vocabulary skills.

Nutrition: Breakfast, lunch and snacks are offered to the children. Milk, fresh fruits, biscuits, jam, sausage, cornflake, fresh vegetables, scrambled egg and different types of healthy foods are included in the meals.

Facility: Facility of Bible reading, social studies, language, poetry, arithmetic, cursive writing, playing etc are offered to the all age group of children.


Contact Information:

Phone: (773) 268-6066

Address: 4745 S. Ellis, Chicago, IL 60615