Sunnyside childcare Center in Lincoln square

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Sunnyside childcare Center in Lincoln square, Chicago IL 60640

Hours: 6.00 am – 6.30 pm

Staff: All the staffs are educated enough and their history and background are checked properly before employing them in Sunnyside Childcare center.

Children Age for Enrollment: 6 weeks – 2 years

Costs and Tuition: Payment is to be made weekly and 10% sibling discount is provided for the older child. The tuition fee details are:

For infant- $376 (5 days), $341 (4 days), $290 (3 days), $109 (Daily)

For toddler- $353 (5 days), $318 (4 days), $269 (3 days), $107 (Daily)

Activities: Puzzle, painting, story time are the activities to keep your kids busy for the whole day. Also they are introduced with basic vocabulary and mathematics. Every kind of development of the children is done successfully.

Nutrition: Formula and foods need to be provided by the parents for the infant but once the kid will start having table food, they will be served hot lunch and two times snacks.

Facility: There is facility of one-to-one attention and they maintain the sleeping and feeding style which is required by your kid.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Policy: Only the authorized persons are permitted to pick-up your kid. Also they are indentified properly before allowing them into the building.


Contact Information:

Phone: (773) 506-6615

Address: 4500 N. Winchester Ave, Chicago IL 60640


Bee Sweet Home Daycare in Lincoln square

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Bee Sweet Home Daycare in Lincoln square, Chicago IL 60625

Hours: 8.00 am-6.00 pm

Staff: Every staff is caring and first aid, CPR training are arranged in every two years to well educate the staffs.

Children Age for Enrollment: 6weeks – 12 years of age

Costs and Tuition: Tuition rates are flat. It is $80/day for full day and $50/day for half day. Hours in half day is 6 hours.

Activities: The play room is filled with puzzles, blocks, books, toys for different ages of children etc. Also the teacher tries to develop the imagination power of the kids by different ways. Story time, art time, craft time and circle time remain the kids busy.

Nutrition: Nutritious snacks, breakfast and lunch are provided to the kids. They make sure that the all the meals are balanced for the well being of every kid.

Facility: Outdoor play time is also included in the schedule where the children can spend 1 hour in fresh air in the winter season and the time increases to 2-3 hours in the warm season.

Drop-off and Pick-Up Policy: This center remains open till 6.00 pm and the pick-up time is between 5.30-6.00 pm.


Contact Information:

Phone: (773) 225-7124

Address: 4506 N Maplewood Ave, Chicago IL 60625