Child Care Options in Chicago

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Most working parents living in Chicago are thankful for the presence of excellent Chicago daycare centers where their children will be safe and will learn as well. However, there are some parents who could never bear the thought of leaving their small children in a daycare center so, they look for other options.

In addition to Chicago daycare centers, there are other child care providers that parents can easily hire. There are agencies where parents can hire a nanny or a babysitter for their child. These agencies guaranty that the people they deploy are all highly qualified. To ensure that parents can get only the best, applicants are required to submit a resume. They are interviewed by the company and by the parents if they do desire to interview the applicant. Background checks are conducted to ensure that the child will not fall into the hands of incompetent or psychotic nannies or babysitters.

Parents can arrange to have nannies come on daytime only or during the time that they are still at work or they can ask the nannies to stay in, whichever arrangement is convenient for both. Some of these workers are professionals and so, they can also cater to the learning needs of the child but in an unstructured way, as what daycare centers do. The nannies may also take care of all the couple’s children. In some homes, the nannies have to prepare the meals as well but basically, their role is to tend the child or children under their care.

Another alternative for daycare centers are au pairs.  Au pairs are available in Chicago and they are usually foreigners who are on vacation and who want to experience a country’s culture and earn at the same time. Some parents are reluctant to hire au pairs because they could not stay long. The longest that they can remain in the country is two years. However, these people have lots to offer. Most of them are young and so, they still possess the enthusiasm and excitement of simply being alive. With their energy, they can easily keep up with the children and join them in their games and activities. They can also teach the children their native tongue, one thing that most parents are after when hiring au pairs. These people are also professionals and many of them are graduates of preschool education programs in their own countries.

Some parents prefer to leave their children to the care of family home providers in order to maintain a home environment for the child even if they are away. This is run by private persons and the number of children that they care for is limited. The children have the benefit of being treated like a member of the family, eating home-cooked meals and a more relaxed environment. Because there are only a few children, there is the absence of noise and squabbles which are common in daycare centers where there is a big number of children in a group.
There are still other alternatives but whatever choice you make, always consider the safety and well-being of your child.