The Cost of Enrolling Your Child in a Daycare Center in Chicago

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As more and more parents in the city of Chicago feel the need to work to augment the family income, more Chicago daycare centers are being put up to answer the need for a safe and trustworthy place and people where working mothers can leave their small children. Parents can leave their infants, toddlers and preschoolers to these institutions for a fee. In return, the staff takes care of their babies and in the case of preschoolers, provides them with learning activities.

Sending your baby to a daycare center is also costly. You pay more when the baby is still very young and the fees are reduced for every year added to the age of the child. Other centers have age brackets, with corresponding amount for fees. Hiring a nanny could be cheaper than sending the baby to a day care center but where safety and child development are concerned; parents find daycare centers as the better choice. Chicago daycare centers are known to deliver excellent services and the fees vary, depending on what area of Chicagoland the family lives.  On the average, the fees for one week is $202.50 for under 2 years old;  $171 for 2 years old; and $142,50 for 3 years old and above. Prices on some neighborhoods are higher compared to other parts of the city. In Lakeview, for instance, the price is $245 for infants, with a drop of $25 to $30 for each year added t a child’s age.

The prices in Chicago daycare centers are high but parents do not mind it for as long as their babies are safe and sound. The assurance that their child is safe gives them peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on their work better.

The quality of a daycare center in Chicago is assured because of the presence of accreditation agencies that regulate the standards for daycare institutions. They have to meet the entire requirement; otherwise, they will cease to operate. The following standards must be met by each day care center:

  • Restricted teacher to student ratio
  • Must meet whole food requirement
  • Provide rest/nap times
  • Teacher/caregiver continuing education

An accredited daycare center in Chicago have lower teacher-student ratio. Normally, there are 30 children under the care of one teacher. They have to provide healthy meals, which include snacks as well. Accredited schools serve vegetables and fruit juices, baby rice and milk. Some give cookies for snacks while others do not.

Of course, babies need to have plenty of sleep to grow healthy. Chicago daycare centers have nap times, which most children happily and willingly take. Beddings are provided so that children can have a comfortable sleep. So, children develop the healthy habit of taking a rest and a nap in the afternoon. This also makes them feel at home in their school.

Accredited daycare centers in Chicago schools require the staff to have continuing education. They are required to attend seminars and conferences or take additional units or graduate courses in child care to ensure that they always render quality service to their clients.