Licensing Standards for Chicago Daycare Centers

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Parents always choose the best daycare center for their children. Many of them will be willing to pay the fees, provided that they are assured of the well-being and safety of their children. But how can parents know that a certain daycare center is the best for their child?

For daycare centers to render high quality standards, the government in each state set licensing standards. Daycare facilities that cannot meet the requirements are suspended and banned to operate. The state of Illinois has set high standards for Chicago daycare centers. This means that daycare in Chicago is the best because of the standards that it has to meet before centers can do business.

Workers in Chicago daycare centers have to meet certain qualification standards as follows:

  • Must be 19 years old and above
  • Must be a high school graduate or a recipient of an equivalency diploma for high school
  • Must have credits of 60 hours in college or university and must have spent 6 hours studying a course directly related to child care or a course in child development or 1 year experience working in any child care institution or credential in Associate in child development

This qualification standards for workers in Chicago daycare centers will ensure parents that their children are being taken care of by professionals who are experts in their field and who have more than enough knowledge in providing the right guidance and care for their children. The state of Illinois regulates the ratio of students to teacher, based on the children’s ages. All children must receive high quality care and taking charge of too many can easily diminish the quality of service. Presently, Chicago daycare center has a maximum of four infants under the care of one care provider. For toddlers, only five can be placed under the charge of one worker. For two year olds, one child care provider can take charge of eight children; for preschool, 10 and for school age, 20. If the group is mixed, the ratio will be based on the youngest child.

Aside from regulatory standards to follow, a daycare center would aspire for accreditation to attract more clients and to enjoy some privileges. For instance, accredited daycare facilities can charge higher than those that do not have accreditation.  But to get accredited, they have to meet  more requirements.  Accredited institutions have to serve meals  based on the standards set by the accrediting body like the National Accreditation for the Education of  Young Children (NAEYC).  An administrator of a center can submit his or her facility for accreditation.  The accrediting body rates the institution in terms of quality assurance, environmental safety, qualification and performance of staff.

Environment is rated in terms of facilities and safety measures that are needed for the age group to whom the daycare center caters. If you accept infants, there must be facilities for infant care like cribs, diapers, swipes, and sterilizer for baby bottles. Learning materials must be enough for the kids and they must be of high quality as well.